Whole Organic Beef – Deboned

Price on Application
Weight range 190-220kg
Whole beef carcass boned and vacuumed packed in whole cuts
Only available as a wholesale product.
This is a great way to get beef cuts for can cut and pack yourself.
Whole bones are an option

Contact sales@washcreek.co.nz for more information

Whole Beef Boned
2 Whole Eye Fillet
2 Whole Scotch Fillet
2 Whole Sirloin
2 Whole Rump
2 Whole Knuckle
2 Whole Topside
2 Whole Silverside
2 Whole Bolar, Cross Cut, Roller Blade
2 Whole Chuck
2 Whole Mouse End
Vac Packed Trim 90vl includes skirts
Vac Packed Trim 80vl
4 whole Shin on bone or Gravy Beef
2 Short Rib
2 Point End Brisket