Organic Lamb Box – Home Ready


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Orders generally take 2 weeks, but our sales team will keep you updated.

Price is based on 20kg Lamb once processed 12kg lamb Cuts.

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Indulge in the natural goodness of our premium certified organic free-range grass-fed whole lamb.

Sourced from our sustainable, ethical farm at WashCreek, our lamb is reared on a nutritious, herb-rich pasture, infused with a delicate, natural flavour”

A variety of meat cuts, such as chops, roasts, ribs, shanks, mince steaks are included in the lamb box, making it easy to prepare a variety of dishes. Carefully hand-selected and expertly prepared, each cut is a testament to the art of fine butchery and the rewards of respecting nature.

Perfect for discerning foodies and nature lovers alike, our lamb box is a culinary delight that is as wholesome as it is delectable. Savour the taste of premium quality meat that is free from antibiotics, hormones, and artificial additives, and relish the knowledge that you are supporting a more sustainable food system.

4 Packs Lamb Loin Chops 500g
4 Packs Shoulder Chops 500g
4 Packs Lamb Steaks 300gm
2 Shoulder Roasts 900g
2 Packs Spare Ribs 400gm
2 x French Rack 7 Rib
2 x Lamb Shanks Twin Pack
2 x Butterfly Lamb Leg 600gm
4 x Diced Lamb 400g

View the Lamb Box contents

Orders from farm to your door may take 2 weeks but our sales team will contact you.

We process your meat to order to ensure you get the freshest cuts of meat.

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