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Treat yourself to the taste of our premium certified organic free-range grass-fed beef. Sourced from our sustainable, ethical farm at Wash Creek, our cattle graze on lush, nutrient-dense pastures, resulting in tender, flavorful beef.

Our beef boxes offer a selection of cuts including steaks, roasts, minced beef and more. Each cut is carefully hand-selected and expertly prepared, showcasing the art of fine butchery and our commitment to responsible farming practices.

Indulge in the natural goodness of our organic beef, knowing that it is free from antibiotics, hormones, and artificial additives. Enjoy the taste of premium organic beef, knowing that you are respecting nature and supporting a healthier, more environmentally-friendly food system.

4 x Sirloin Steak 250g Approx.
4 x Scotch Fillet 250g Approx.
3 x Rump Steak 300g Approx.
3 x Schnitzel 300g Approx.
1 x Brisket 600gm Approx.
1 x Beef Bolar Roast 800g Approx.
4 x Beef Stir Fry 400g
4 x Beef Diced 400g
12 x Beef Premium Mince 400g
2 x Boneless Spare Ribs 400g Approx.
4 x Tenderized BBQ Steaks 400g Approx.
2 x Eye Fillet 200g Approx.

14kg Approx.

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Orders from farm to your door may take 2 weeks but our sales team will contact you.

We process your meat to order to ensure you get the freshest cuts of meat.

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